Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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(CU0620-404692-00204) The DIN™ Is In.  

DIN™ raises collectables to new level!
Congratulations on your purchase. An exciting feature has been added to collector grade 1:24 scale ARC and RCCA die-cast cars!

Protect the authenticity of your die-cast by registering it through this easy-to-use system.

When you register your die-cast DIN™, your benefits include:

  • Maintaining the authenticity of your collection
  • Increasing the value of your collection
  • Securing your collection
  • Managing your collection online with the My Garage feature

    To learn more about collecting the highest quality, most detailed die-cast replicas, visit Racing Collectables Club of America at RCCA Members. Register your die-cast now! Get started!

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    You must create a DIN registration account in order to register your cars. Please click the "Get Started" link at the bottom left of this page.

    Quick Tips:

    When registering your DIN™, please make sure that:
  • The model you are registering was produced in 2006 or later.
  • For cars produced in 2010 or after the fourth digit is a zero, not the letter "O" or "D". For those produced in 2009 or prior the third digit is a #0.

    Please read our FAQ's for further assistance.

    If you need immediate assistance please contact us at

    Please click on the DIN News tab for the latest news and updates!!

    Please note there are changes coming to the Diecast division and this site will soon be moving to be linked with the RCCA Members site. If you have trouble linking to the DIN site, please go to to access your garage.

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